Mission And Vision Of The Company

As with every business, this company also has a humble beginning. Mr. Zack Xu began his career by taking small carpentry orders from Local shops. Soon Mr. Xu realized that real quality works and customer care was missing in the market place. To address this problem, Mr. Xu along with likeminded team of professionals founded,” Plan work Creation” The mission of the company is, “ customer satisfaction’, and give the customer a single,” one shop”, solution to all his requirements.

Our Innovative Approach

Planwork Creation follows a 5 stage process.
• Engage
• Plan & Propose
• 3 Source 4.Execution
• 5. Completion

Engaging The Customer
The moment a query comes from the customer, we engage him, with one- on- one, face to face meeting and understand his/her requirement. The understanding is duly vetted by the customer.

Plan & Propose
From our experience we prepare various interior PlanWork and also generate 3-D drawings. Meetings are again held with the customer and the 3-D drawings are discussed. “Budget Estimates and Time of Completion’, are also discussed. The 3-D drawings make sure that his desires are translated correctly. Once the customer is satisfied, the final selected scheme is agreed and his approval is taken.

Source Of The Materials
The customer is then given the choice of sourcing the materials by him or takes the help our expertise.Without any worry people can continue their job and they can vacate to their new home with all the facilities needed in the home.

Execution Of The Selected And Approved Plan
Translating the Plan into reality is next. Professional Team is deployed at the site. Customer is encouraged to inspect the ongoing works as many times as possible. This gives the leverage to correct any plan as may be required.

Handing Over The Site
The site is handed over to the customer once he is fully satisfied.